Seven Seeds

Whether you’re after coffee and cake to catchup with an old friend, or you want a late brunch because you decided to sleep in a little, Seven Seeds has something for you.

This place was recommended to me by a new friend – it’s close to the University of Melbourne, and only a short walk from several tram lines.

While it’s got a casual vibe going on, with plants hanging from the ceiling, it’s table service here so grab a seat wherever and one of their friendly waitstaff will come to you. I dropped in on a Monday afternoon just before the kitchen closed. I ordered the Iced Latte which came from the ‘cubed’ drinks menu, appropriately named given the giant ice cube that floated in the middle of the glass. Adding smashed avocado and chorizo to my poached eggs on toast- was a decision that I did not regret.


Being so close to one of the city’s biggest university campuses, you’re likely to see students on their laptops, or catching up on their readings.

Venue/ great!
Food/ delicious!
Service/ excellent!

Seven Seeds is definitely 5-star in my books. My only wish.. that I had discovered this place sooner. And maybe that my Iced Latte was bigger. But that could just be my bias towards ice caffeinated drinks talking.