Starting as a volunteer with Event Health Services in 2016 and commencing employment with Patient Transfer Services in 2017, I have gained experience across multiple areas within these departments.

As a volunteer I have developed my clinical skills, up-skilling to the Level 2 scope in 2018, and have taken on additional roles including non clinical volunteer development and volunteer support. I have assisted with volunteer recruitment – providing support and facilitating activities at assessment centres.

In addition to working on-road as a Transport Officer, I have been given opportunities to mentor new clinical officers, as well as being one of three Transport Representatives in the Employee Engagement Program – an operational working group comprised of representatives from all career departments.

In June 2021, I commenced the Communications Officer Induction Program and began work in the State Operations Centre following completion of the 14-week program.

Career Experience

  • Communications Officer 
    •  Accredited by IAED as an Advanced Emergency Medical Dispatcher
    • June 2021 – Present
  • Employee Engagement Program Representative
    • Mar 2018 – Present
  • Ambulance Transport Officer 
    • Nov 2017 – Present

Volunteer Experience

  • Non-Clinical Volunteer Development Officer 
    • Sep 2018 – Present
  • Volunteer Support Officer
    • Aug 2018 – Present
  • Event Health Officer 
    • Dec 2016 – Present
  • Volunteer Ambulance Officer 
    • May 2018 – Nov 2018