Dead Man Espresso

A huge fan of Seven Seeds so I was excited to try Dead Man Espresso, and it did not disappoint. Up a few steps from Market Street and through the single entry door, you’ll find aesthetically pleasing interiors decorated with cacti and modern wooden finishes.

Whether you’re an inside dweller or someone who prefers the outdoors, you’ll find your perfect spot, with plenty of seating inside and out. It’s table service here, so sit back and peruse the menu as your coffee is brewed fresh from the Seven Seeds blend.

Restrooms aren’t often mentioned in reviews but I thought I’d give it a whirl- if you’ve maybe had a few too many coffees, rest easy knowing that behind a door that blends into the wall, there’s one just for you.

At first a bit hesitant about the Green Pancakes, I was persuaded by the offer of smoked salmon and poached eggs. And to my surprise, I loved it! The pancake was a little strange at first given it was made of vegetables, but the flavours of everything blended well together.

Do I give this place a thumbs up? Sure do.